Web Games

Learning cultural dimensions can be fun.

The dimensions of Hofstede, Trompenaars/Hampden-Turner and Richard Lewis as well as the DIE-model and the DMIS of Milton Bennett are basics for the development of intercultural competence.

Applying web game templates of Sivasailam Thiagarajan, Ph.D., (Thiagi) the following web games have been produced.

You are invited to check your knowledge ...

Categorize Cultural Dimensions - correlate cultural dimensions

Choices Country Comparison - compare countries w.r.t. cultural dimensions

Hangman Hofstede Dimensions - identify Hofstede dimensions

Hangman Multidimensions - identify cultural dimensions

Intercultural TicTac - TicTacToe game on cultural dimensions

Match Intercultural Terms - match two similar cultural terms

Sequence DMIS of Milton Bennett - determine the right sequence

Sequence the DIE model - determine the right sequence

Splatter Hofstede Dimensions - identify wrong data of Hofstede dimensions

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