Who is more active?
The main issue for any training, seminar or workshop is:

Who is more active: the trainer or the participants?

Consider options for interactive elements.
The following proverb* is the basis for the motivation to intensively involve the participants into a training beyond a mere listening or observing:
  • Tell me, and I will forget.
  • Show me, and I may remember.
  • Involve me, and I will understand.
For every training subject there are options to actively involve the participants. However, the timing and the type of activity have to be well considered.

Choosing or developing suitable activities.
Examples for suitable activities:
  • interactive lecture
  • textra games
  • structured sharing
  • informal learning
  • serious games
  • web games
  • simulations
  • role plays

(* this proverb is attributed to Confucius, Laotse and Benjamin Franklin. I didn't find the true source yet. I'd appreciate, if anyone could provide me with a proper link to the correct source. Thank you)