Organize topics, contents and ideas
The biggest challenge during the preparation of a presentation most often is to stay within the allotted timeframe for the talk. The huge amount of information about the respective subject must be filtered and organized in a way that the desired impact can be delivered to the audience present for the specific occasion.
You will learn to master this first step by using a storyboard.

Develop the red threat
The proper arrangement of the selected contents into an easy-to-follow talk decides about the attentiveness of the audience: do they listen eagerly or do they wait boredly for the end?
You will be provided with helpful instruments for this step.

Perform a convincing presentation
A perfectly written preparation does not ensure the success of your presentation. The way you present the diligently selected and arranged material is of even more importance. Your appearance, your voice and your movements and gestures usually leave a stronger impact at the audience than your words.
You will improve your verbal and non-verbal appearance by using a schematic from astronaut training.